What About the Boy?

A Father's Pledge to His Disabled Son

by Stephen Gallup

November 21 Interview with Coach Marsha and Coach Jim

While away from home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I was interviewed for the “Together Again” program on blogtalk radio. Click here for the audio file and skip ahead to the 90-minute mark to hear my segment. (Dr. David Sabine, who interviewed me on a Texas radio station in September, is on just before me.) Excerpt below:

“[My son’s] mother took it a lot harder than I did. To me, it was a matter of determination. I was gonna resolve this problem one way or the other, the best I could. I went to war with it. Didn’t go to war with my son, mind you, I went to war with his condition. But my wife, his mother, took it personally. She felt there was something wrong with her, that she had produced a damaged child. And I think intellectually she understood that it wasn’t logical to think that way. But she couldn’t help herself. And that, plus the frustration of constantly battling this had the effect of making her ill.”



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