What About the Boy?

A Father's Pledge to His Disabled Son

by Stephen Gallup

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Complete this puzzle correctly (per my answers) and send it as an email attachment to kidsbright at gmail dot com to get an ebook of What About the Boy? in either Kindle or Nook format, or as a .pdf file (your choice). A degree in English is not necessary, although having read a bunch of books would surely help.

(I admit that a tighter format, like they have in newspapers, would have been more attractive and perhaps less ambiguous. Also wish it were easier to generate something you could complete and submit online. However, I’m new at puzzle making, and this is the best I could do in the time available.)

Just click the image below to open and then send to your printer.

 Complete this puzzle to receive an ebook of What About the Boy?
Across Down
2. Bestseller about circus life 1. Sci-fi writer knighted by the Queen
5. Setting for some Burroughs tales 3. Utopian novel with anagram title
6. Whitman said, “I celebrate ______” 4. King with a daughter problem
10. Nadsat slang for “good” 7. Still waiting for this guy
11. Sports writer, lost a daughter to CF 8. Pondered a road not taken
16. ____ Kampf 9. Translated by a committee
17. He wrote Westerns 12. Writes legal thrillers
19. Not as desirable a name as Ernest 13. “Ode on a Grecian ___”
20. The ___ Sleep 14. Bad guy in Othello
22. Requested for Algernon 15. Many poems have this
25. A modern confessional genre 18. “A single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a ____”
26. “The past is not dead. It is not even ____.” 21. “All happy families are _____”
27. Dog who traveled around the U.S. with his master 22. Iconic horror story penned by the wife of a poet
29. Lysistrata led the women on ______ 23. Wells’ meek folk of the future
30. He set his novel in Macondo 24. Hemingway’s old man
31. Worn by a troublesome cat 28. The cruelest month
33. “It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of ______” 29. What Atlas might do
35. A story needs this 32. “Stately, ___ Buck Mulligan”
36. Had a dragon tattoo 34. Wolfe’s astronauts had the right _____
38. Dwelt by a pond 37. Whale hunter
41. A lonely hunter 39. Premier authority of English language 
43. Went down the river with Huck 40. Nevermore will he write
44. Was read (for a time) in Tehran 42. Rabbit did this
45. Wrote a haiku in the metro  

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